Galaxy for Hire was a hero-based tower defense game which was designed to allow up to 4 players to cooperatively team up online against enemy AI. Our team developed the game for nearly 2 years before asking for funding on Kickstarter in December 2012. The combat systems promoted action-oriented team play and rewarded players for their personal skill and strategic thought.

Players would fight as mercenaries, who are each equipped with multiple unique abilities and items. In addition to mercenaries, players would have had access to real time building of defensive structures which would enable them to strategically counter various engagements. Unfortunately, the scale of the project required a large investment of time and money.

When our Kickstarter came up short, we decided to move onto a smaller scale episodic format of the universe. The first title planned was Blades over Tarsis, a story about Trigonis and his escape from the planet Tarsis.


  • Tim Lewis – Creative Director
  • Michael Kaiser – Lead Programmer
  • Sanger Doane – Project Manager
  • Daniel Ries – Character Artist
  • Adam Buxkamper – Animator
  • Brian Powyszynski – Concept Artist
  • CJ Camacho – Voice Actor/Rigger
  • Adam Chandler – Composer/Environment Artist
  • Jesse Lemons – Sound Designer
  • Steven Engel Craven – Environment Artist